Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

By | April 23, 2013

For those of us that love to play Basketball outdoors, it can be tough to get shoes that will support our hobby without getting torn up, worn or causing us discomfort while we shoot hoops. Fortunately, there are some great outdoor basketball shoes on the market, it is just a case of knowing which to buy, which is why we have put together our guide here showing the most durable and playable models.

Jordan 14s

As you expect from a great deal of Jordan shoes, they’re stylish and comfortable, but for our purposes here we are looking for outdoor playability, and these definitely stand up to the test, their build quality is exceptional and though you pay a pretty penny for the model they will last extremely well even if you practice all the time. Some have said that it plays slightly heavy in the modern game and compared to other shoes you can buy but that is just to be expected if you want a hard wearing outdoor shoe. That said, they have brilliant traction and can be used indoors as well as in the outdoor game. Worn by pros including Dwyane Wade, Monta Ellis, Jared Sullinger and more.

Nike Lebron Vs

One of Lebron James’ signature models, these aren’t just celebrity endorsed, they’re an excellent shoe for indoor and outdoor courts, they are durable and built with patent technology skeletons (which you can feel with your hand on the inside) for support and a patent toe cap made of leather. They are hard wearing enough to be reliable on outdoor surfaces and indoor as well, plus they’re damn stylish and worn by one of the all time greats. As with the Jordan 14′s, they’re not the lightest shoes going but that really is to be expected when it comes to the thicker, tougher shoes you’re going to need for these purposes.

Nike Airmax Hyperdunk

A little cheaper than the other two models I’ve mentioned but still great quality, the Airmax hyperdunks offer incredible support and comfort, they’re made of a synthetic material and rubber souls that act like a good winter tire in the outdoors. Nike’s build quality is really impressive, and though I’m not about to do a ‘will it blend’ test I’d hazard a guess that these would take some destroying, making them a great choice for lovers of the outdoor game. A simple, stylish design make these one of the best looking shoes you can wear too with the unmistakable nike tick along the side and soul. I strongly recommend the Airmax Hyperdunk shoes for playing outdoors.

Budget Option: Adidas Commander

These are available for about 1/4 of the price of a lot of the models I’ve mentioned, so perfect for those of us on a budget, they’re built to last by the manufacturer Adidas who pride themselves on support, comfort and durability all at a price almost anyone can afford. A great practice shoe and they will last, plus it is worth mentioning that at the price it doesn’t matter so much if you go through a couple of pairs, they’ll still work out cheaper than many of the other models.

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